Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Day 12 The 60 Day Bird Journal Challenge

This was my goals sheet for 2014, and in retrospect it was a great idea, in reality it lacked one crucial element, two actually.  One: a schedule.  Two: accountability.

Day 12 Challenge:  What are your dreams for 2015, what goals, and actionable plan do you need to implement to accomplish your dreams?

I accomplished some of my goals for 2014 and these are not finite goals but year in goals, meaning I need to be constantly making new art, new collections, etc., and with the continual updates and changes within Adobe I've resolved to learning it as well as  I can and to continue to try and keep up with the tech as it changes!

One of the best decisions I could have made last year was to close The Natural Surfaces Academy, it was simply costing me too much time and money to keep open for zero return.

So this years biggest goals are income goals this will be my make it or break it year, consistency i.e., make and keep an actual schedule, and accountability I God just plopped into my lap an accountability partner and I wasn't even looking for one and I'll know more in a week about that situation.

So what does this have to do with birds?  Everything and nothing!  Without the accountability, and consistency there won't be any wondrous birds coming from my studio or any art for that matter!

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